Whirlpool WFC 3C22 P vrijstaande vaatwasser

v.a. € 499.00

Fabrikant: Whirlpool 
EAN-code: 8003437204227 
Categorie: vrijstaande vaatwassers 

Whirlpool dishwasher: white color, full size - WFC3C22 P\nThis Whirlpool Dishwasher features: white color.Outstanding A++ energy rating, for reduced energyconsumption. Convenient digital countdown timer, toinform you when the washing cycle is complete. Innovativetechnology ensuring extra silent performance, for a veryquiet appliance. Superb cleaning performance, for idealwashing results.\n\nStart Delay\nTailored for you. The Start Delay option allows you toset the Dishwasher to begin its cycle whenever mostconvenient for you, saving you both time and energy.\n\nSingle rack washing option\nOutstanding water efficiency. The single rack optionallows you to wash a small number of dishes withouthaving to wait to fill your Dishwasher. Enjoy perfectresults and low water consumption.\n\nUpper rack removability\nRemovable upper rack. Your Dishwasher's removableupper rack allows you to create extra space whenneeded, as well as fit unusually-shaped items,effortlessly.\n\n14 Place Settings\nAll the space you need. This Whirlpool Dishwasherprovides 14 versatile place settings, so you can enjoyall the space you need, always.\n\nSuper Silent\nSilent efficiency. This Whirlpool Dishwasher is designedto provide ideal results, while ensuring a silent noiseoutput, so you can enjoy some extra peace and quiet.\n\n6th Sense\nNo prewash required. technology provides perfectwashing results with no pre-washing, soaking orscrubbing by hand, while effectively reducing waterconsumption and costs.\n\nPowerclean Pro\nPowerful water jets on the rear of the machine work todeliver supreme cleaning results on the toughest soil.The intelligent sensors detect the level of dirt andadapt the water pressure accordingly.\n\nFlexible washing options\nIdeal space management. Add, remove or adapt thespace inside your Dishwasher as you like, thanks to themodular racks and foldable tines.